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Escape to Nature

My family and I make it a point to leave the house daily in an attempt to keep our sanity during these crazy times, no matter the weather outside. A walk around the neighborhood, a trip to the lake, a hike in the forest preserve, or a drive to explore a new neighborhood. Anything to help keep ourselves busy, entertained, curious, excited, and positive. Getting out of the house, changing the scenery and seeing new things goes a long way to achieve those things.

On a recent cloudy rainy day, a drive to get some ice cream ended in an impromptu trip to a nearby forest preserve that we have not previously explored. The chilly temperatures kept most people home that day, which allowed us to explore freely and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

We walked off the trail and beaten path to find some beautiful sights. I hope you will enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoyed photographing them.

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May 01, 2020

What a beautiful place to discover! I've been trying to leave the house every day too, and this looks the perfect place to spend an afternoon. Walking around a lake is always peaceful. And I love all the photos you took!


Apr 30, 2020

I love a lonely walk! I’m usually a sociable person but I prefer walks on paths empty of any dog walkers or any people at all. Unfortunately it’s hard to find this in the village now as people are not allowed to drive here to go for a walk (so it gets quite busy and forever have to stop and allow 2 m distance) and I have 4 extra noisy humans with me! But the lake looks like my ideal place to walk around!

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