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Autumn’s Color Pallet

Enjoying the last days of Autumn with all it’s brilliant colors while I still can.

I admit, I cannot get enough of Autumn’s color palette. I want to immerse myself in it and I do every chance I get. There is nothing better this time of year than long drives on the hilly, winding roads or through the countryside, taking in the beauty of the brilliant hues from the surrounding foliage. Leisurely hikes on our favorite trails, admiring the splendid surroundings that nature has to offer, are also a must each fall. Being in nature fuels my mind and calms my soul.

Maybe I should have taken even more photos of the surroundings, but at times it‘s better to leave the camera behind. Sometimes I prefer to take a photo with my mind’s eye, tuck it away in my memory for later, and just be present in the moment. This current photo diary will have to suffice. Enjoy!

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