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White Blazer And A Personalized Bag

At the end of August, many of us are starting to think about fall, although it still mostly feels like summer. The mornings and evenings are a bit cooler and it's a good excuse to layer once again. Layering always makes outfits more interesting as it allows the option to add another color, pattern or texture. A light blazer, sweater or jacket makes the perfect layering piece to wear over just about anything or simply throw over the shoulders for a cool girl vibe.

I recently purchased this white sweater blazer from Jcrew and waited for an excuse to finally wear it. The weather has been pretty hot but on this particular cloudy day, a layer over my tee was just the thing I needed. I wore a pair of cropped straight dark wash jeans from Everlane, a basic striped navy and white tee from Petite Bateau, my favorite summertime flats (also purchased from Jcrew last year), in red, and my newly monogramed J.McLaughlin wicker bag.

This bag is fairly popular but the new monogram with my initials makes it unique to me. I just love the way it looks! The monogram was hand painted by The Monogram Corner. Although they sell many custom monogramed home items, accessories, clothing and gifts, you can send in your item that was not purchased from their site to be monogramed, as well. An item that was made just for you is so much more special! Check out their website if you love personalized items.

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