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The One Clothing Item I Bought Since the Quarantine

I haven't done much online shopping in the last few weeks. I just haven't felt much like shopping since this quarantine began. There simply haven't been a lot of things that caught my eye, although there are some really good sales going on. With stores having to keep their doors closed, they are luring customers to stop online. I've personally stopped buying things just because there's a good sale. I think a lot about an item before I commit to spending the money and making room for it in my closet. I usually give myself at least a few days to mull it over. If I forget about it, it's over. If I'm still thinking about the item days later, and see myself wearing it, oftentimes I will make the purchase.

There are a few things I am thinking about purchasing in the near future, but for now I have only bought one item. I saw this chunky knit cardigan on Madewell's website and decided I had to have it. It's a cotton blend grandpa-style cardigan in a deep navy that I though would be perfect for spring. I'm so glad I bought it because I love it and have worn it several times already, since receiving it. It's soft and comfortable with a good weight to it. The perfect layer to wear around the house over a t-shirt, blouse or even my pajama top. It will be perfect to wear as a layer when it's warm enough to go outside without a jacket and even on a cool summer evening over a tee or dress.

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Apr 30, 2020

A nice grandpa cardigan is the must have here in UK! I love the one you are wearing!

I’m afraid I’m guilty of online shopping! I couldn’t resist the massive sale prices! But I have my own strategy: I write down what I need or wish and I wait until I know for sure the price is the right one for me! You should see my list! My soft spot are shoes! I had a few on my waiting list and I managed to by 3 pairs (I know 🙈) since the lockdown. But!!! They were so heavily reduced that I only paid the price of one pair for the 3 pair. I start a new job on Monday so…


Apr 02, 2020

That cardigan is beautiful! I really love the deep navy color and it looks lovely paired with that print blouse. And I love your process of shopping for clothing! Waiting a few days and seeing if you're still thinking about an item is a smart idea.

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