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How to Make Money on Clothes You No Longer Wear

As promised, I am sharing with you what I do with the clothes I no longer wear and use. Clothes I loved in the store but never reach for at home, those that I have nothing to pair them with, don't feel comfortable or confident in, no longer match my style, or any other array of reasons. We all have such clothes that sit in our closets and don't wear. Sadly, I did not have this useful knowledge years ago and I would fill up bags of clothes and simply drop them off at a donation site without much monetary return. Some of my clothes still end up there but the majority I sell to make a percentage of the cost back. Not only do I make extra spending money, but I make other women very happy when they find items they love from my closet.

The majority of clothes I no longer use, I list on Poshmark. It's quick and easy! I take a few pictures of the item, write a brief description, decide on a price and share it to my page, also known as my Poshmark Closet. Poshmark is similar to a social media. You follow other sellers, they follow you. You can share each others listings to reach an even larger number of people. The more people that see the items you are selling, the greater the chance of finding a buyer. Shoppers can also search by brand, size, item type, etc. They can ask questions directly under the listing, make an offer on the item or buy it on the spot. Poshmark does take a 20% commission on any sale over $15, but the ease and convenience of the app make it worthwhile for me. I have been able to sell a lot of my clothes this way and I'm very happy with my earnings.

Another platform for selling clothing is eBay. It is also very quick and easy to list items and uncomplicated to use. I don't list too many items on there but when I do, they are generally the higher-end brands that are more popular. I have made some sales on eBay, but I find it much harder than on Poshmark. On eBay the buyer has to search very specifically for your item to find it, unlike Poshmark where they can stumble across your clothing in their feed. Ebay is definitely a great way to sell and make money and I always keep it as an option.

At some point when I feel that certain items are not getting any interest on Poshmark or eBay, are not selling fast enough, and I'm tired of storing them, I will take them to my local resale shops. I like Clothes Mentor, Style Encore, Crossroads, and Plato's Closet. These stores will pay you cash on the spot for your clothes. They are fairly picky and look for newer styles, in great condition, that will sell for them. I have had a lot of success at these stores in the past as well. It's a quick way to sell a large amount of clothes all at once. They generally pay about 30% of the price they will sell the items for. My return is not as great as on Poshmark or Ebay but it's better than nothing and the amount can be pretty significant if they buy a bulk of what I bring in.

When all else fails and I still have leftovers that haven't sold in the ways listed above, I donate them. Either at Goodwill or in a donation box for shoes and clothing, in the parking lot of a church near my home. All of these have made it possible for me to find good homes for my clothes while making extra cash. There are additional options for selling your clothes, such as Depop, Mercari, Thredup, and others. I don't have experience with those sites but if you do, share your experiences with me. I'd love to lean more!

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