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Black Friday Madness

If you follow me on social media, you may have noticed that I did not participate in the Black Friday shopping madness. Unlike other fashion bloggers, I didn’t make shopping lists or post about the best sales. I personally don’t like to feel like I am bombarded with lists of “must-have items” or have someone else pushing me to spend money or tell me what I should buy. I have my own style with very specific tastes and I know what I need and don’t need. I keep my eye out for the best sales on the items I am interested in purchasing and I stay away from everything else I don’t need, no matter how great the price is. I’m not opposed to others pushing sales and posting shopping lists, I’m just choosing not to participate and stay true to myself. I also refuse to spend the entire day after Thanksgiving shopping just because society tells me that's what I should be doing. My main goal with blogging is to share my personal style to inspire others to cultivate their own unique style, not to push people to buy everything I do.

I did venture out to the mall briefly in the evening to a few specific stores to buy a couple of things I had on my list. I also needed to do a few price adjustments on items I bought earlier in the week. I headed out in the evening hoping the crowds would have died down. I was wrong! The parking lots were overflowing with police directing traffic. I was reminded of the other big reason I don’t go shopping on Black Friday- the insane crowds! I contemplated going back home and avoiding this madness but got extremely lucky and found a spot immediately. Phew!

I've mentioned before that I have become very selective in the items I am buying mostly because I am choosing quality over quantity. The quantity is already there, because I am by no means a minimalist, nor will I ever be (Or, so I think). My closet is full, although I have recently done a major purge, so I am only adding in items to complete what is missing or replace what I can no longer wear, for various reasons.

I'm sharing below the items that I added to my closet over the last few weeks.

How do you feel about Black Friday? Did you go shopping despite the large crowds or did you shop online?

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