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My Fall Wardrobe Builders

stack of folded sweaters in autumn hues

The weather has slowly began to cool around here. The mornings and evenings are crisp and a little chilly. Although the afternoons can get pretty warm, it's definitely time to think about my fall wardrobe and pack away the summer clothes. I know I'm a little late in the game but life has been busy so better a little late than never. My goal for the new season is to keep my wardrobe simple, stocked with classics that I can have for many years to come. It's important to keep clothes current but not fall prey to passing trends and fast fashion. The goal is quality over quantity which means I might have to invest a bit more in some pieces but it'll be well worth it in the end.

I love classic cashmere sweaters in all styles including crewneck, v-neck and turtlenecks. For fall I'm gravitating towards navy, camel, burgundy and forest green sweaters. They are luxuriously soft, comfortable and can be paired with anything. They work well with jeans, skirts, pants (dressy or casual) or layered over a dress for extra warmth. Fortunately, there are many options available at reasonable prices — don't forget to keep your eye out for sales. If taken care of properly, these sweaters can last for a very long time. I personally use, and highly recommend, The Laundress Wool & Cashmere Shampoo, sweater comb and The Laundress Wool & Cashmere Spray to care for these sweaters.

Button-down shirts are a closet staple for every season but in the fall, I love them layered under a sweater, blazer or jacket. A crisp white cotton shirt is a must as well as a silk one. A silk shirt drapes beautifully on the body and layers nicely under sweaters without adding bulk. There are plenty of styles and price ranges to fit any taste and budget. Below are some of my favorites.

Blazers are a classic and this year I love them again. I used to wear them quite a bit in the past but got bored with them and took a break. I'm bringing them back out this season to layer over just about anything. I'll be pairing them with jeans to dress them down for casual, everyday outfits that look very chic and put together. I linked below some of my favorites which include pinstripe, houndstooth and tweed. The textures add interest to an otherwise basic blazer.

Slim-cut pants are my favorite at the moment.They are very flattering and slimming as the name implies. A navy and black pair will couple well with everything in my closet, and I can create a lot of different outfits by mixing and layering all of the above-mentioned items. The ultimate layered outfit would be a silk button-down shirt under a cashmere sweater with a blazer on top. I'm excited already!

Last but not least, my favorite accessory at the moment is a colorful silk scarf. Since fall has arrived, I'm picking ones with all the pretty seasonal hues I love and will mix and match beautifully with my wardrobe picks. A scarf is a simple accessory to add to any outfit for a pop of color and added interest. Even the simplest outfit can be interesting with the addition of a beautiful scarf.

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