• Patricia Rosca

For the Love of Lilacs

My favorite part of spring is the blooming trees and flowers. I especially love the lilacs and eagerly wait each spring for my lilac bushes to bloom. Thankfully, they have grown quite large and yield lots of flowers. I cut bunches of them to enjoy in the house every few days. I love filling vases with lilacs and placing them around the house because their scent is heavenly! The only downside is they don't last very long and I have to wait another year to enjoy them again.

This spring has been all about floral prints for me. I adore dainty florals inspired by nature. The print on this top I'm wearing reminds me of my lilacs so it was the prefect choice for these pictures. It's no longer available but there are so many other pretty options to choose from. I may need to add a few more to my wardrobe.

#lilacs #florals #floralprints #floraltops #whitejeans #strawhat

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