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Mother’s Day 2018

mother with three children

My husband surprised me with a quick getaway to Door County, Wisconsin for Mother’s Day. If you know me, you know there are few places on earth that I love more than Door County, Wisconsin. I love the quiet and peacefulness of the scenic peninsula, especially this time of year before the busy summer season starts when visitors from all over invade the area. When I go to Door County I feel like my stress is melted away and my burdens are lifted. That is the effect this beautiful peninsula has on me.

My husband and I, together with our children have been going to Door County quite often for about twelve years. We started going when our children were little because it was close enough to home but far enough away to escape from our hectic daily lives. It has been the perfect easily accessible getaway for our family and we have all fallen in love with the peninsula.

We love the family owned restaurants and hotels (there are no chains), the farms and markets, including the friendly people, many of whom now know us after so many visits. We also can't get enough of the beaches, the scenic state parks, beautiful, unparalleled sunsets and the sound and sight of the water. Nothing beats long walks by the lake as we watch the boats and listen to the rolling waves.

This Mother’s Day turned out to be a glorious day with temperatures in the mid 60’s, bright sunshine and clear skies. I could not have asked for a more perfect day, especially since it had been rainy and chilly at home for the last few days. We ate lunch outside on the patio of our favorite restaurant, strolled by the water, watched the boats on the lake and ended the evening with some locally made ice cream. The best part was that my husband, kids and I spend the day together laughing and making memories. This will definitely be a Mother's Day to remember.

woman on pier by a boat

woman on pier by a boat

woman on rocks by the water

woman on rocks by the water

woman on rocks by the water

blond woman in sweater and glasses

man and woman

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