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What's in My Bag

I'm the type of person that always likes to be prepared. I probably carry too much in my bag everyday, but I always have what I need handy. Today I thought I'd show you what I carry and how I keep everything organized so I can easily switch to a different bag, often depending on my outfit or mood.

purse, wallet,umbrella, journal, pouch, sunglasses, comb, mirror

Some items in my bag change with the seasons. In the springtime, an umbrella is necessary because I hate getting wet from the rain. I usually carry a compact one that is light and doesn't take up too much space. I always carry sunglasses (in a case for protection), my wallet, my planner, a pen, and a pouch for all the little things that can otherwise get lost in my bag.

I have several different size pouches that I switch to depending on my needs. They are perfect for keeping my purse organized and clutter free.The best part is when I want to switch bags, I have all my small items stored in one place, making the switch easy. Some items I carry in these pouches are a comb, mirror, hair ties, chapstick, lipstick, hand lotion, mints, and aspirin.

When it comes to bags, I generally gravitate toward a caramel brown leather tote. I love the rich brown hue because it goes with everything in my closet and it is appropriate for all seasons. I have several different styles and sizes that I switch to depending on my activity or my needs for the day. I don't however limit myself to one color because there are so many other beautiful options such as lighter browns, yellow, olive and blush tones. It's a personal choice depending on taste and style.

ladder, scarf, tote, tulips

floral top, white jeans, saddle bag, white shoes, tulips

plaid top, white jeans, bag, daffodils

ladder, scarf, bag

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