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A reflection on time with JORD watches

I recently texted a friend to see how she’s doing, since we hadn’t talked in a while. She responded, “Can you believe it’s October already?” It then hit me! How quickly summer had passed and although school seems to have just started, it’s already time for midterms. Sometimes I get so busy with my family, responsibilities and activities that the days just roll into each other, and the weeks pass me by.

We are well into the fall season which means the holidays are just around the corner. Thanksgiving is a month away and before we know it, Christmas will be here. It’s never to early to start thinking about Christmas gifts, especially for those people that are hard to shop for, since they seem have everything. Luckily, JORD watches make the perfect gift. Who doesn’t love a beautiful, classic timepiece? These watches are timeless, unique, and made of 100% natural wood.

I received from JORD the FRANKIE 35 series in zebrawood and navy, which was my absolute favorite! I love the color of the wood and the navy face because it goes with everything I own and fits my style perfectly. It has a minimal sleek design which makes it very classic. There is no doubt that I will love it for many years to come. JORD has a collection of many beautiful watches for both men and women. You can take a look at the woman's watches here and the men's here. I'm sure you can find the perfect watch for that special someone on your list or for yourself. JORD also offers custom engraving which will make the watch extra special! You can find out more about engraving here.

To help you along with your shopping, enter below to receive an instant 25% off coupon code to use toward the purchase of a watch.

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