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A Merry Little Christmas

I have received several requests from a devoted blog reader to share a post with my Christmas decorations. Although I have been sharing bits and pieces on Instagram and stories, I thought I would compile them into a post here on the blog as well.

My favorite place to decorate for any season is the front porch. It’s the first thing we see when we come home and it makes the house feel welcoming and festive. Although the weather has cooled down significantly, we still use the space quite a bit.

I was visiting a local antique shop one afternoon when I came across the perfect vintage sled. The purchase of this sled ignited in me the desire to finally start decorating for Christmas. It was just the push I needed to begin with the front porch. I had been putting off decorating for various reasons, but mainly because I simply wasn't in the right mood. Acquiring the sled got my creative ideas flowing and I began to feel inspired and eager to begin. I filled the planters by the front door with mini Christmas trees, put a swag on the sled, and hung kissing balls to replace the fern. I also added a cozy throw, Christmas pillows, a lantern, a light up Christmas tree, and various other small touches. It looks cozy and perfect for the holiday season!

I couldn’t forget about the she-shed, so the next day I added a bow to the wreath that hangs on the door. I also filled the window box with fresh greenery and a few accents. Did you notice the antlers? It’s probably my favorite window box thus far!

This year I finally got around to drying orange slices for homemade decorations. It‘s a project I have been wanting to do for a long time. Thankfully, my orange slices dried beautifully and did not burn. I used most of them to make a garland that I hung on the mantle in our family room. I did have several left over and decided to use them in various decorations around the house, including this simple swag hanging on a back door.

Aside from a box of Christmas tree ornaments that have memories and meaning to them, and a few small plastic Christmas trees, I do not like to store decorations. I usually buy fresh greenery that I use around the house at Christmastime. These small touches of greens make a big impact and go a long way in making the house look festive. It’s my personal preference and it also makes for easy clean up once Christmas is over and I take everything down.

Like most years, I kept the decorations to a minimum. It is not overwhelming and enough to put us in the Christmas mood and make us smile as we go about our days. Now that I have finished decorating, I will try to slow down and enjoy the season!

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