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Boxed In Photoshoot with Misha Media

When Michele from Misha Media invited my family and I for a Boxed In photo shoot, I literally jumped for joy! We haven't had family photos taken in a really long time and wanted some unique photos to use for our Christmas card. I had seen examples of their Boxed In photos and loved how fun and out of the ordinary they were. It was just what we were looking for! Unique pictures that were not like everybody else's.

We arrived at their studio, located in Inverness, IL, dressed in holiday-themed outfits. Michele mentioned many families choose to wear matching pajamas for their photos, which is really cute and fun. Since we really aren't the type to take family pictures in matching pajamas, nor did we own any, we opted for a mix and matched holiday look. We all wore jeans and a combination of red, navy and plaid on top. These colors were going to stand out very nicely against the all-white box.

We were all a little bit nervous when we arrived because we weren't exactly sure what to expect. Michele and Andy, the husband and wife team, are so down-to-earth and immediately made us feel comfortable. It was as if we were old friends. We laughed and joked and started shooting. These pictures look best when they aren't posed and the individuals in the box are having fun and letting their personalities show through. My husband and kids did really well with that. Even though I'm in front of the camera more than they are, it took me longer to relax and let that happen — go figure! The box is a four-by-four, which for a tall family like ours can be a bit tight, but it also made it super fun because we had to come up with different ways to fit inside the box, especially with more than one person. We took turns in the box and took shots of all possible variations. Sadly, we couldn't fit all five of us in the box at once without possibly destroying the structure, so we gave up on that idea. The photo shoot lasted approximately 30 minutes, and the time just flew by.

A couple days later we received all the photos and were able to chose our favorites and also the order in which we wanted them to appear in the boxes. The above photo is the final result, and we absolutely love it! It's definitely the cutest and most unique card we have ever had. Thank you so much to Misha Media for this super fun experience and amazing photos! We will treasure this memory and these pictures forever!

If you are looking for a professional photographer for any of your needs, check out The Boxed In photos would fun for any occasion such as holidays, birthdays, graduation, etc. Just let your imagination run wild!

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