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The Beautiful In-Between

woman in snow covered forest

I have found myself in somewhat of an unfamiliar territory in the last several months. Lots of changes have happened in my family's life. Some changes were very welcome, some not so much. Life is funny that way. It's always a mixed package of good and bad. Many things are not at all like they were a year ago, and many won't be the same a year from now. We are living in a transitional season, in a sort of limbo, if you will. It's a time of waiting. Waiting for some answers. Waiting for the puzzle pieces to fall into place. Waiting for life to go back to "normal," if there even is such a thing.

woman walking in snow covered forest

At first I was upset with this new chapter of change. I'm a creature of habit, I thrive on routine, and I'm comfortable with the familiar. I love adventures but I also love to plan them. This new season is an unexpected, unplanned adventure that life threw our way. Although we have prayed for some of these changes, we did not expect our prayers to be answered in this specific way. But then again, things seldom turn out the way we expect. That's often a good thing, once some time passes and you look back in hindsight. Many times it proves to be a blessing in disguise.

winter sun overlooking snow covered forest

During this time of waiting, life has slowed down dramatically for me, especially throughout these winter months. I'm not a huge fan of winter, but I have come to appreciate the lessons it is teaching me. It has taught me to be less hurried and more relaxed. To move at a more leisurely pace and choose my activities more wisely. I am learning to be content with less (more on that later), to choose quality over quantity in everything from material possessions to relationships. I'm daily being taught the concept of slow living and accepting the journey of life. Enjoying each moment and being present in that moment. Present for my husband and kids and the things that matter most to me. Winter is also teaching me that the cold is not so bad when you have a warm cozy home to live in and cuddly fuzzy sweaters to wrap yourself in :)

woman walking in snow covered forest

This slow season of waiting has become the beautiful in-between. Sandwiched between where I once was and where I am going. Between who I once was and who I am becoming. This slow season crept up on me without me realizing it. I am now choosing to embrace it and the beauty it is bringing into my life. The beauty of being content with my current reality instead of focusing on the future and missing out on what is right in front of me now. It is not always easy and life certainly isn't always rosy but, I'm determined to focus on the positive and see the good in all of it, as much as I can. There is beauty in every season of life and this season of in-between is no exception.

woman walking in snow covered forest

road through a snow covered forest

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