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My Cool She-Shed

I have to admit that the first time we visited this property last year, I was immediately sold by the wraparound porch and the shed out back. Thankfully, the inside of the house was exactly what we were looking for as well.

The minute I walked inside the shed, my head started spinning with ideas for turning it into a she-shed. A place to hang out, hide out, or a backyard retreat, separate from the main house. My daughter turned our shed at the old house into a sort of she-shed, but unfortunately, she had to share the space with my husband’s tools, lawnmower, and bikes. This space was going to be different. It would be entirely devoted to one purpose only.

The stone structure is the original milk house of the property, and at 12 X 10 feet, it has a lot of potential for different uses. The four windows allow for a ton of light and ventilation which is very nice.

A charming she-shed, in my opinion, should be an eclectic mix of furniture and decorative items that reflect the location as well as the personality and style of the owner. I used furniture we no longer needed in the house. An old twin bed, which I turned into a daybed full of inexpensive throw pillows that I found at Home Goods. The dresser belonged to an old bedroom set that got changed out and ended up being the perfect size for much needed storage in the shed. The ladder, the yellow and white chair, and decorative cabinet were also extra items we were no longer using.

The rug was purchased specifically for the shed, as well as the small desk. When school began last fall we decided a desk would be a nice addition since the shed was often used as an office. It has turned out to be very useful all year long. Due to the fact that the shed has electrical outlets, we were able to install a small heater, a fan, a lamp, and internet. The perfect little office space for any season.The small wood chair is a recent $5 find from a local consignment shop. It fits the desk perfectly!

The vintage suitcases and stand were acquired from a small antique shop, appropriately named “The Suitcase,“ that was going out of business. I love their appeal and worn patina. They add a nice decorative element to the space and are one of my favorite finds!

I have developed an obsession of sorts with vintage and antique plates. My collection has been slowly but consistently growing over the course of a year. I seldom leave an antique shop without at least a plate or two. I have a mostly blue and white collection in the house but for the shed I used colorful floral prints. I hung many of them on the wall on existing screws as well as hooks I installed myself. They make me very happy!

The hardest part decorating the shed was hanging things on the wall. The fact that it is built of stone made it too difficult to drill nails or screws Into the walls. I have resorted to using Command Hooks and am happy to report they have held up very well!

My main goal for this space was a granny-chic, floral, colorful, mismatched style that I love but would never dare do in my house because it is too busy. A space that makes me smile when I walk through the door. It has evolved a bit over the past year and I have no doubt that I will continue to rotate and move things around as I bring in new acquisitions and treasures.

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