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Series 2/It's the little things...

"A perfume is something which is invisible

and yet an unforgettable accessory"

-via Pinterest

blond woman in front of wooden fence with purple flowers

According to Cosmopolitan, hair perfumes are having a moment in 2018. They are different than your typical perfume because they are specially made to be sprayed directy onto the hair. Regular perfumes are full of alcohol and other drying ingredients which, when sprayed on the hair, will end up damaging it. Hair perfumes are formulated without alcohol or other damaging ingredients. Many of them have added oils and ingredients which will add shine and softness or help tame frizzy and unruly hair, all while leaving a beautiful fragrance behind.

Several month ago, while speaking to a sales lady in the fragrance department at Nordstrom, I was introduced to hair perfume. She was specifically telling me about Diptyque Rose Hair Mist. I was quite intrigued with the idea of hair perfume and, although I did not make that purchase, it has been on my mind ever since. This summer while doing some shopping in Cluj, Romania, I came across another hair perfume, which I ended up purchasing. It is the Yves Rocher Summer Collection Hair Mist, which has a very pretty and light floral fragrance. The store was having a big sale so I decided to finally give hair perfume a try. Since it was very reasonably priced, I couldn't go wrong with this purchase.

Although hair perfume is not a necessity, it is definitely one of those little luxuries that I can implement into my everyday living because it makes me happy. It doesn't take a lot of effort or time, but it makes a big impact. My hair smells amazing and leaves a lingering scent behind. I really love it and wonder how I've been missing out on this for so long!

Many brands of perfumes now have a hair mist to go along with their fragrances. They are a lighter version of the actual perfume. You can pick the same scent to compliment your perfume or something totally different and wear it alone. I've linked below the brand I am using, as well as others that I have read good reviews on and would love to eventually try.

wooden fence with purple flowers

These photos aren't related to hair perfume, but I really love them! I snapped them around my father-in-law's neighborhood in Romania. I love the quaint rustic fence and window with all the pretty flowers. They are very inspiring to me. Hope you enjoyed them also!

rustic fence, window and purple flowers

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