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Series 3/It's the Little Things...

"Give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world"

red lipstick

Recently, I was looking through old pictures from when my kids were little and I noticed something interesting. I was wearing lipstick in just about every picture, whether we were at home or out in public and I like the way I looked! Somehow I got out of that habit without even noticing. I still put on lipstick but usually only when I'm going somewhere.

woman in navy dress and tortoise glasses by a pond

When I was in my late teens or early twenties, I can't remember exactly, I found what turned out to be my signature lip color. I was shopping the Clinique counter at the department store in my local mall when I saw the perfect red lipstick. It was a Clinique chubby stick pencil lip color in the perfect shade to match my skin tone, style and personality. It was love at first sight and I had to have it. I didn't wear much lip color at that age but this specific lipstick really spoke to me and I wore it constantly. I did not buy any other colors or brands to try for many years because this was "the one" and there was no need to experiment further. It was my signature color! I even wore it on my wedding day because it was so me.

I went through many of these lipsticks for several years until the dreadful day when I went to the store to replenish, and the sales lady informed me that it had been discontinued. I was devastated and probably even shed some tears of sadness. I really wish companies would let us know in advance when they plan on discontinuing an item, so we can at least stock up. It's the worst thing trying to find a new favorite.

After that Clinique lipstick was discontinued, I no longer had a signature lip color and I've been searching for a new one ever since. It's been hard! Nothing compares to or comes close to that shade, and I feel disappointed too many times. Maybe that's the main reason I don't wear lipstick quite as often as I used to. Although I haven't found "the one" yet, there are a few favorites that I seem to rotate, depending on the seasons and my mood. I still gravitate toward the same muted reds that have a bit of an earth tone in them. I don't like pinks on me so I stay far away from them. I have also tried brighter reds and orange-y reds, which was definitely out of my comfort zone, but I've grown to love some of them.

woman in navy dress and tortoise glasses by a pond

Finding that perfect lip color can be very exciting! It can become our signature look that defines our style. It is the finishing touch to any outfit and can elevate the simplest look. There's just something about wearing the perfect lip shade that can really change a mood and help boost our confidence as we go about our day. Adding a little color to my lips is a simple luxury that I can easily incorporate into my day. I'm trying to wear it all the time like I used to because it makes me happy, and I feel better about my appearance. When I'm happy with the way I look and present myself to the world, I always have a better outlook and therefore a better day. What about you? Do you wear lipstick daily? Do you have a signature color that defines you, or do you change it up with your mood?

Above are the brands I buy most often now. I love their colors and the way they feel on my lips. I haven't purchased any new lipsticks from Clinique since they discontinued my favorite. I was too disappointed to give them another chance. Sorry Clinique...

woman in navy dress walking in a park by a pond

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