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Venice Trip

I recently had the opportunity to go with my husband to Venice, Italy. The city was more beautiful than I had ever imagined. It was very hard to take two steps without stopping to take a picture. There are no two things alike in Venice. Every street, building, door, entryway, canal, and bridge are unique and picture-worthy. There was so much to see and take in! I don't think I ever took so many pictures on one vacation before. Many of the buildings were showing signs of decay and exposed brick, as well as uneven lines from shifting, but those imperfections made them all the more beautiful! It was a very interesting experience to be in a city without cars. There are so many canals, bridges, and tight streets; the only way to get around is on foot. So we walked. We walked a lot, all day everyday, exploring the city. Some of the most charming sights we saw were in hidden corners or tiny alleys off the beaten path. The first day, I wore a pair of sandals that I brought along, thinking they were one of my most comfortable. They were, last summer, but on this trip, they gave me blisters and I could no longer wear them. The second day, we found a shoe store and I bought a very comfortable, buttery soft pair of brown leather sandals that were not rubbing my raw blisters. I wore only those for the rest of the trip. You might have noticed in my Instagram posts that I wore the same shoes with every outfit, except the red dress (1st day).

The weather during our stay was perfect. Low 80's, sunny skies, and light breezes. Thankfully, the clothes I packed were just right. I packed all dresses and one pair of cropped, wide-leg denim with a loose, light, cold-shoulder top. Generally when I take such trips in the summer months, I bring along light flowy dresses made of natural fibers, such as cotton, linen and silk. Dresses make getting ready for the day easy and effortless. The only decision is which one to choose. I have a good collection of dresses that I have purchased over the years and some more recently. I chose the ones that felt like they would be right in Venice. But the most important thing was to feel comfortable and cool while walking around. I think I accomplished that! One thing I love about Venice, and Europe in general, are the numerous restaurants, cafes, and snack shops, most with outdoor seating and terraces. We stopped often at different spots throughout the city for drin

ks, food or gelato. It was so nice to cool off, take a break from walking, and relax. The food was always good, regardless of the restaurant. One of my favorite dishes is caprese salad, so I ate that several times, as well as pizza, pasta dishes, salami, and prosciutto. I'm getting hungry just thinking about all the delicious food I ate! All in all, it was a fantastic and memorable trip! A trip I will think of fondly because it was unlike any other. Although I have visited quite a few other cities in Europe in the past, none can compare to the uniqueness of Venice. I look forward to visiting that beautiful city again as I'm sure there are many streets and canals yet to be explored and more bridges still to cross.

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