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Lakeside Style

It appears my family and I have unintentionally started a Mother's Day tradition several years ago. It stemmed from my husband and kids' desire to make me especially happy on this day, as well as our shared love for this little corner of the world "Up North"in Door County, Wisconsin. The truth is we come here often, usually year-round, but this time of year kicks off the busy season when the peninsula comes alive again after a quiet slumber over the winter months. The ice melted from the lake and the boats started to make their way to the marinas, the trees and flowers began to bloom, and the various establishments were all ready to welcome their guests. Spring had sprung and with it comes new life and energy on the peninsula. There's no place I'd rather be!

Quiet days spent by the lake call for fuss-free comfortable clothes. When it comes to packing I always go straight for my stripes, nautical-inspired tops and sweaters, as well as jeans or chinos. This time of year is still fairly chilly so I don't bother packing dresses as I would in the summer months. Striped tees (long and short-sleeved) on their own or layered under a sweater, paired with a good pair of jeans are my go-to. This time around I brought along my trench coat, which came in handy as an additional layer when I got cold. My casual nautical outfits fit well with my personal style as well as the vibe of the area.

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