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Summer with Saranghae: Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

I have to admit that during my teens and early twenties I was not at all concerned with skincare. I worshiped the sun and spent countless hours on the beach, summer after summer. I might have put a cream on my face here and there if it felt dry but I certainly did not have a regular skincare regimen. Thankfully, the damage to my skin was minimal, at least to the naked eye. I have always had good, clear skin with few exceptions due to my overall diet or hormonal imbalances.

When I reached my late twenties, I began to understand the importance of taking care of my skin. I became a mother and life started to slowly take a toll on me. Sleepless nights, little time for self-care, stress and a busy schedule were slowly showing their effects on my skin. I had to take action. I began to take better care of myself by eating healthy, exercising, and implementing a skincare regimen into my schedule.

At 44, I am proud of the way my skin looks. I am a realist and don't expect to have the skin I had 20 years ago. Aging is a fact of life and to me it's important to have the best skin I can have at my age. When I look closely in the mirror, I do see some fine lines around my eyes but, I have lived! I have laughed and cried and, in the words of my good friend, "I have earned my wrinkles!"

Last year in October, the Korean skincare line, Saranghae, sent me their five step skincare line to try out. I fell in love with these products immediately and I have been using them for quite a some time now. They were a lifesaver for my skin! First and foremost, they are paraben free and made with natural ingredients derived from Asian botanical. This is very important to me since I will not use any harmful chemicals on my skin. Second, they do what they say they will do. My skin is very soft, subtle, hydrated and smooth. They fight the signs of aging, regenerate and heal. Just what my skin needs after I neglected it for so many years in my youth. My husband is always telling me how beautiful my skin looks and that always makes me very happy!

The hot summer months call for a bit of a change in my my overall skincare regime. Since I have dry skin, it is still very important to keep it hydrated all year round. Being in the sun, wind, in and out of air conditioning definitely takes a toll on my skin. Although I don't need to consistently use all the products I use the rest of the year, some are a must for keeping my skin healthy.

One of my favorite products from Saranghae line is the cleanser. I have said it before and I'll say it again, it is simply amazing! It leaves my skin very clean and very soft at the same time, without any tightness. It is very important to wash my face with this cleanser every morning and night to keep it clean and clear especially in the summer with increased perspiration and oil production. There is nothing worse than clogged pores and breakouts.

Because of the heat and perspiration during the daytime, I only use The Essence + Serum and the Eye Cream after cleansing. The Essence + Serum is very light, absorbs quickly and thoroughly and does not leave my face feeling greasy at all. It has just the right amount of moisture without feeling like too much. The Eye Cream is a little thicker but also absorbs very quickly and decreases the appearance of fine line around the eyes. I never skip this product. These two provide plenty of moisture to hydrate and plump my skin overall and especially the are around my eyes.

My skin looks beautiful on it's own or under a light coverage of make-up, if need be. In the summer I usually keep my skin bare and wear very little make-up, mostly because of the heat and humidity. Therefore, it is very important to me to have clear, hydrated skin. In the evening before bed I use the Firm and Lift cream in addition to the Serum and the Eye Cream after cleansing, in order to have the benefits of all the ingredients during the night while I sleep. Another important step for my dry skin is the Elemental Essence Mask. I use this mask periodically for an extra boost of moisture. It is a relaxing vacation for my skin that leaves it radiant.

With a proper skincare regime, my skin will survive the hot summer months and still look healthy and beautiful. Thank you Saranghae for these amazing products that help fight the signs of aging and keep my skin looking radiant, healthy and youthful. Discover Saranghae for yourself here!

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