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Mustard Yellow Coat

Patricia wearing mustard yellow coat, striped sweater, jeans, booties and shearling tote bag

A few weeks ago, my oldest daughter took me out for a quick lunch to Mingle Juice Bar. She's a big foodie and is always researching and trying out all the different restaurants in the Chicago area. You can check out her blog here and Instagram gallery here if you'd like. She's been wanting me to try this place because they have delicious açaí bowls and we are both big fans. I had the Hawaiian Sunrise, which was the best açaí bowl I've ever had!

açaí bowl

It was a milder winter day so I got the chance to wear my new mustard yellow coat. I had been eyeing this coat for a couple of months and my kids surprised me with it for Christmas. I was so excited! If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know by now that yellow is my favorite color. It is the happiest color and reminds me of sunshine. I love all shades of yellow, but for the last few months this mustard yellow has become my preference. I am so happy it has been a trending color in the fashion world. This coat is so perfect for the colder weather and helps make those grey dreary winter days a little more bearable.

I paired the coat with a navy striped sweater and jeans. You really can't go wrong with stripes, as they match every color and every pattern, no exceptions! It is my favorite pattern to mix and match. It adds a little variety and interest to any outfit. This casual outfit is perfect for a lunch date, running errands, etc.

Accessories complete any outfit and here I wore a patterned beanie and my shearling tote, that I refer to as "my pet". It's definitely unique and not something you see everywhere, but very simple at the same time. Those are the types of bags I'm drawn to and purchasing lately.

I will be wearing this coat on repeat in the next couple of months since it transitions well into Spring. Yellow will always be a favorite color for me and I hope the trend sticks around for a long time. Regardless, I plan on incorporating it into my outfits for the foreseeable future.

mustard yellow coat, striped sweater, jeans, shearling bag

shearling tote bag

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