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Lilacs and Sunshine

There are few things that brighten up a gloomy day or a gloomy mood like flowers. I love having fresh flowers in the house at all times. They just make me happy and add a nice pop of color to the rooms. My go-to store for fresh flowers is Trader Joe's, but there is nothing better than stepping out into my own yard for flowers. I've been impatiently waiting for my purple lilac bushes to bloom and they finally have, bigger and fuller than ever! I went out this morning and brought a bunch of them inside. I have a variety of glass and crystal vases, but sometimes flowers just look prettier in a beautiful ceramic pitcher, don't you think?

I love color! My favorite color has always been yellow. It is the color of sunshine and happiness. It's associated with happiness, positivity, optimism and joy - all things which I need more of in my life. My favorite colors to pair with yellow are blue and lavender. The beautiful hues of the lilacs inspired me to take out my new yellow sweater that I recently purchased. I eyed it at J. Crew for a while and snagged it the minute it went on sale. The sweater is still available in several sizes and colors. It's lightweight which makes it perfect for cool summer days. I love it with white jeans or a white skirt, a pop of blue or lavender in a scarf, bandana, or bag. So go and enjoy the lilacs because, like most things in life, they won't be around for long. And play around with the color yellow. It will bring sunshine into your life! Pass that sunshine on to others because "those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves" -James M. Barrie

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